Haay Evaboddy! Meet Smitty - a truly remarkable story

The first day...

Smitty had a playful and really sweet disposition. Smitty’s Mama and Diddy fell in love immediately.

Since he was so sick, he never got scolded if he didn't quite make it to his litter box. He would make this helpless little squeak when he was about to have an accident, so they’d know. He didn't find his litter box right away, so they showed him each time he had an accident. He started going to the box after only being shown 2-3 times, but he wasn’t tall enough to get in. So they put a dictionary in front of the box to use as a step.

Litter box training accomplished!

The road to recovery...

Gradually Smitty gained some energy and enthusiasm for life. He introduced his Mama and Diddy to his new zooming routine:
"Rrruunn run run run run zig run run run zag run run stop!"

He had more energy than any other cat his Mama and Diddy had ever seen. Then came ‘Mr Feathers,’ soon to become Smitty’s most favourite of all toys. (He shared the joy he was having on Twitter, to the delight of all his new found pals!)

With the bacteria well and truly out of his system Smitty wanted to go outside, but his Mama and Diddy kept him in until they were sure he was going to stick close and not go off and get lost.

His Diddy used to cradle him during this time to take him out and let him smell fresh air and touch tree bark, grass and flowers, etc.

Smitty had no siblings to teach him all the things a cat should know, and Tweeter was not having anything to do with him except to hiss at him whenever he got near.

He started looking better after the first couple of doses of liquid antibiotics. Then he started playing!

All the while, his sister, Tweeter was not amused to have a new brother. He would try to play or just interact with her and she was having none of it. One time she put a claw in his ear and cut it, so he now has a tiny 1/4” v-shaped cut in the tip of his left ear.

They have only just started to get along, after a year!

90 days after his Mama and Diddy got him, they had to make him aware of his new surrounding so that he didn’t come to any harm. Smitty was so innocent and had no fear of potentially dangerous situations.

One day he was in the yard and the dogs next door got loose. His Diddy was about 5 feet from him and they came running up to him barking in his face and he stayed right where he was - he didn't know to be afraid or run! So his Diddy grabbed him and ran into the house saying "run Smitty, bad dogs, RUN!" Since that day he knows to be afraid of them. He is a smart cat.


His Diddy taught him not to swat at wasps - he just wanted to play with one and Diddy had to pretend to be stung to show him what would happen. Smitty looked genuinely horrified and he didn’t go near a wasp since. Smitty often looks to his Diddy for guidance when he needs it. He’s very bright and learns his lessons quickly.

Trees - what goes up must come down.

Next it was time to climb a tree. (He climbed it just fine, but his Diddy knew he’d need to help him get down.)

Sure enough, Smitty had a look of fear and panic when he saw Diddy under the tree. His Diddy pointed at each branch in turn to tell him which way he needed to go to zig-zag down. He did not hesitate and accurately followed Diddy’s route. After 3 or 4 times of doing this, he was able to get down by himself making his Mama and Diddy so very proud of him.

If Smitty’s Mama and Diddy hadn’t followed up an urgent message from their social media contacts, he wouldn’t have survived. He was abandoned at a ‘dumpster’ (large steel waste bin) and was desperately dehydrated from having to eat rotting vegetable matter and drink from
stagnant puddles. Smitty was gravely ill.

Smitty’s Mama and Diddy found him and took him immediately to the vet.
She said he had maybe a day or even hours to live in that condition.
It took 2 rounds of antibiotics to finally get him well.

<< Smitty with his ‘I am cross expression!’